The 24/7 Physique Affiliate Program is a free link-share partner program that pays you a 10% commission on every sale that comes through from your unique link. Not only does the unique link automatically calculate your commission, but it also gives your friends a 10% discount on their purchase. Just share your 10% off code or link in blogs, forums, emails, social media pages, and watch the commissions pour in. There’s no setup involved. If you have an account at, you’re already enrolled in the free Affiliate Program! Just go to your My Account page to get your unique link.

Anyone Can Do It. How Does It Work?

It’s super simple. Get paid to save people money on great nutrition products. That’s it!

Go to your Account page to copy your unique 10% coupon code or link.

Share your 10% off coupon with friends, save them money and be a hero.

We’ll process the order while the 10% commission automatically goes to you.

Go to your Account page to see your commissions and reports.

Share your coupon, help people save $ and earn a commission.

How Do I Get Started?

Just go to the My Account page and login or register if you haven’t done so already. Anyone with an account is automatically enrolled in the Affiliate Program.




Truly an incredible program. As a competitor, I love talking about this stuff and to be able to make money doing it, is a wonderful thing.

Jon Doe

I get a pretty steady commission every month just by posting my link on forums and in my blog. Super easy and great!

Jane Doe
affiliate dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no such thing as a dumb question.

How much commission percentage will I get?

The current affiliate program commission is 10% of the referral order. For example, if your referred customer spends $150, you’ll receive a $15 commission just for the referral. Commission amounts are subject to change at any time without notice.

Where can I see my referral commissions?

Great question. All of our affiliates get their very own dashboard page that you can access when logging in. From there, you’ll be able to see all of your click-throughs, referral earnings, performance charts, and also have the option to update your profile or download marketing collateral that we provide to boost your campaigns.

How long does it take to get my commission?

You’ll instantly see your referral commissions in your dashboard once the order gets processed and completed (generally 24-48 hours). An email is also sent to you once a referral commission is received. Please make sure you add our email address orders[at] to your email address contacts so the emails don’t go to your spam folder. Commissions have a vesting period of 60 days from the day it is recorded to the time in which you will get paid out. This procedure is in place to ensure that the order is processed completely before any commissions are paid. If you don’t see a referral commission in your dashboard, see FAQ answer #1 above.

What if my referred customer cancels or returns their order?

We have a 30-day return policy. If your referred customer cancels or returns their order within the allotted return time period, your referral commission will be voided and will not count.

How do I get my commission payment?

Your commission will be paid out to the PayPal address we have associated with your affiliate account. This PayPal email account can be updated in your affiliate dashboard. Payouts are made on a quarterly basis. You do not have to do anything to initiate payment. If you have commission funds that are vested (matured 60 days) and available for payout, we will automatically send payment to your PayPal. Please allow 3-5 business days for PayPal to process the transaction.

What are the requirements?

Nothing really. You just need to have a valid PayPal account and sign-up for our free program. We also ask that our affiliates practice proper web etiquette at all times and obey all laws. This means no spamming or using the 24/7 Physique ( name in any way other than to professionally promote our site. We can’t control what you do but anything you do that we deem as a violation of our terms will constitute an immediate cancellation of your affiliate account and forfeiture of any and all current and future commissions.

Why should I join your Affiliate Program?

We offer one of the highest commission rates in the industry with very reasonable terms and no commitment requirements. The beauty of our program is that you can get paid for referring the sale of competitively priced, high quality products, without the need to warehouse any merchandise, ship orders, or handle customer service inquiries. It’s almost like having your own store without all of the hassles. We have a dedicated team that handles all of that so that we can give you the support of running a successful affiliate program. Plus, our average ticket (average order) amount is relatively high so that means more commission opportunity for you.

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