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7 Steps to a Heart Smart Diet

  1. Substitute with whole grains. Whole grains are the new in and healthy alternative today, so make sure you have them for yourself.
  2. Stop eating Trans fat. Or stop cooking with ordinary oil, avoid fast foods and minimized processed foods as they contain a high level of trans fat.
  3. Control portions. Keep your weight healthy and eat the right amount of food.
  4. Cut on sodium. Sodium has never been good for the body in excess. So when you have an option, stay away from salt shaker or cook with minimal salt.
  5. Go for fruits and veggies. You can never go wrong with the right vegetables and fruits.
  6. Have beans in your diet.  Beans, lentils and legumes have the capacity to lower cholesterol due to its fiber.
  7. Have more fish. Fatty fish contains PUFA. These kinds of fats are known to help in every system in the body healthy. They lower triglycerides, decrease blood pressure and lowers risk of heart attack.

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